Howdy Doody, and welcome to my site, this has been dedicated to my Friends and rondom things that i like, that i hope you will find intresting aswell so...enjoy!
Andy x

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11th  april 2005
the  world sucks and we know it check out new movie poster below, FREDDY VS JASON 2 (Ash vs Freddy and Jason) this is in planning but who knows if it will be made


this means war!

March  31st 05
Well not alot to report today really LOL, i go tmy most haunted beaniie through the post so you will never see my head/hair again LOL, ema is actually going in tot he bank know so that means a lot more online shopping and ebaying, i bought the complete first series of most haunted the other day, in other news there is a new south park charecter about on the site of my dad in his civil war uniform i have put it up on the site by special from him, LOL
mARCH 22ND 05
Fuck Yeah! went to my first gig last night, was at middies a fund rasing gig but i had the tiem of my life moshing most of the night especial when 24 HOURS AGO  came on they got the best reaction out of all 5 bands, especialy with HOSTILE PEOPLE NEVER DIE, another reason to yell FUCK YEAH is that series SIX of MOST HAUNTED starts tonight at 9 o clock on LIVINGtv (112) so fucking watch it, there are two new pictures on the random pictures page that have been played with in photo shop by me n beckkie drewry
march 3 05
well as u can see my little piggies the site has undergone a big change with a few flash cartoons be shue to go to the forusm n vote in he poll as to what salad fingers cartton u want up......for all you 1 time posters guest can post so u no need to sign up well enjoy the carttons.....all 3 of them LOL

Febuary 21st 2005
i think the date is right LOL, but its most likely 22nd as i am sat here at 3:30 in the morning because i cant sleep, Anyway, WELL what a great start to our week hey peeps, its nice to finally see snow in gainsborough and around the midlands but i didnt think we expected to see, so much. especially after being caught in to 10 miles traffic jam and having to walk to scotter to catch a bus....
Febuary 1st 2005
Hello and welcome to the new and updated site, you will notice that there has been quite a few changes so have a looks around e-mail me some feedback and let me know what you think hope you enjoy teh south park carttons will be posted up later this evening x

January 20th 2005
HI EVERYONE, no i havent died i have just  een reallly busy with my media exma, but there over so over the next day or few teh site will be under going major re-modeling and formating etc many oages willbe removed but  the important ones wil stay (forum, friends, pics link, contac)
the site might be down for abit but you can still use teh forum, most peopel will know the link for it any way as it has become quite popular know.